Welcome to Apostello!

Apostello is unique in Europe

Globalisation is here to stay and every European country has churches of various denominations with their own languages. These churches are eager to have a professional from the country of origin at their disposal. Apostello creates a flexible match between the European Churches, Christian organizations and the internationally oriented professional.

We are global specialists and therefore understand the motives, requirements and desires of both client and employee.

We offer

  • resourcing and secondment
  • salary administration and consultancy
  • recruitment and selection
  • training and coaching

Apostello, as an international employment agency, specializes in the following positions:

  • Spiritual Carer
  • Religious Education Teacher
  • Church Community Worker
  • Pastoral Worker
  • Minister
  • Board of Directors
  • Management
  • Secretary / Administrative Assistant

We invite you to utilize our services!

Apostello meets all possible requirements regarding quality accreditation and certification for the sector as well as meeting the legal and supra-legal requirements of each European country.

Apostello is a trade name belonging to Daxxa Diensten B.V., with its head office in the Netherlands and an extensive network throughout Europe.